Linguapax International is a NGO based in Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain), with an International Network formed by seven Delegations and an Advisory Board of 35 experts from all over the world.

Linguapax protects and promotes world linguistic diversity to contribute to dialogue and peace. It works in favor of cultural and political rights, plurilingual education, linguistic diversity in the digital environment, artistic expression and other emerging ways of communicating. It analyses changes in social, cultural and political sensitivity in relation to linguistic diversity and gives warning of the threatens to the global linguistic richness.

Linguapax offers specialised support to public and private bodies, collaborates in international projects, disseminates experiences of defense of linguistic rights and multilingualism, preservation and revitalization of languages and carries out awareness raising campaigns and projects. It also grants the yearly Linguapax International Award as a tribute to individuals, communities or associations for their commitment with the promotion of language diversity and multilingualism.

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